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Cooley gardens


When I first started seriously Cooley gardens iris-Cooley's was the garden that supplied my addiction-sorry to see them go. Cooley's was a favorite of ours to visit when we lived in Oregon, and to order from when we didn't. I'm shocked they are closing. I always wanted to visit. And when I was in Oregon, it was the wrong time of year.

Very sad to see the legacy ending. All of us here at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens were so sad to hear our old friend, Cooley's, was to be no more. Some of our treasured archives included correspondence between Rholin and Barbara Walther. Cooley's was one of the earliest supporters of the Cooley gardens to create an iris garden honoring Frank Presby. Fortunately, for all of us here, Barbara saved every Cooley gardens Cooley's catalog.

We still use them today as a valuable tool in verifying our collection. I just went to order my irises and found Cooley's was gone. The one I especially wanted last year was sold out when I ordered. I don't even know the name of it. I wonder if you have the time at all could you look in the and find the iris that has orange standards and purple falls or purple Cooley gardens and orange falls.

The orange is really orange not buff.

Cooley Gardens

If I had the name of it maybe I could find it somewhere else. Or maybe you would have and idea where I could get a catalog and I could look myself. I had a Cooley gardens in the garden all planned for this iris. Thanks for your time.

I just last week learned "Cooley gardens" their closing. Does anyone know why? Also would greatly appreciate any suggestions on where to order from now.

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Cooley's was the only place I have ever ordered my iris from. The current owner Rholin Walther Cooley connection died unexpectantly in March Reviewing a June Garden Gate Mag. A very lengthy article stating that due to the death of the current owner of Cooley Gardens, it would "Cooley gardens" by fall Shreiner's Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon is amazing. I didn't know Cooley's had closed. My father Rick Ernst had passed away suddenly, my great grandfather was Rholin Cooley who had started the company in I wasnt going to reply, but the reply stating the incorrect final owner really bothered me.

I miss my days on my families farm, so many memories for me to cherish. I'm so sorry to hear this- I love my irises Cooley gardens Cooley's and wish I had the opportunity to buy more.

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So sorry about the loss of loved one. My Mother so loved the visit we had the gardens.

I'm so sorry to hear this - Cooley's was my favorite supplier and I always looked forward to their gorgeous calendar. My best to the family - they have a proud legacy. I have Cooley gardens looking all over for Cooley's, today I found a Catalog and started looking again. I found this site. I am deeply saddened by their loss in the family and closing.

Cooleys was where my Grandmother, Mom and Dad always shopped for thier Iris. I have let my gardens go for many years and this is the year I started cleaning up my garden. I wish I knew more of the names.

I am more determined to get "Cooley gardens" going again knowing that I will not be able to get any more Iris from Cooley's. I loved visiting in the Cooley gardens walking through the gardens with a harp playing in the background. Then ordering more than had planed and getting a free catalog to dream about others I wanted. My Prayers go out to the family. I was just looking for Cooley's on the internet. Now I know why. I hope the family is doing well now. I loved buying from Cooley's.

I had over 60 varieties. I have moved and wanted to get more for my new place. So glad I was able to bring starts of some of my irises. I will definitely keep the three catalogs I have from the past. They will be a treasure.

Cooley gardens you for the wonderful service your company has been. Like the rest of your writers I was going on line to order Cooley's Spring and Fall Blend iris fertilizer only to find they have apparently closed.

They will be missed. Does anyone know if they sold their stock to another grower from whom I might acquire Cooley gardens fertilizer? Thank you, Diane H. I worked for Cooley's for a few years through high school. Such a hard working family, I have great memories of this place. Katie, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I always did and always will look up to you.

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So sorry that cooleys closed. All the best to the family. I am so sad to hear of the closing of Cooley's. My sister and I used to go every year and after Cooley gardens passing I would go with one of my good friends, who has now also passed. It would take your breath away when you came upon the fields of iris and the mass of gorgeous colors.

I had planned on going this spring but now realize "Cooley gardens" I can no longer stroll through the beautiful plants.

So sorry to hear of Rick's Cooley gardens and the closing of Cooley's. Miriam was her close friend. I am very sorry to hear of the closing of this great business. Does anyone know if, or where, the great iris fertilizer Cooley gardens used to sell, is still available, and where? I haven't used it for 2 years, and my iris are going downhill.

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