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Asexual and sexual reproduction multiple choice quiz on lipids


Reproduction is biological process in which organism give rise to offspring similar to itself. In living orgamism there are two types of reproduction.

In a sexual reproduction single parent is involved and capable of producing offspring. Fission, sporulation, budding and fragmenation are the comman modes of a sexual reproduction seen in animals and plants.

Description: Asexual and Sexual Reproduction...

Zoospore, conidia etc are the comman a sexual structures formed in several algae and fungi. In flowering plants vegetative reproduction, are natural and artificial.

In natural method the development of new plant takes place under suitable environmental conditions from some organ like stem,leaf,root or even flower of the mother plant. The artificial method of propagation are cutting,layering and grafting. Sexual reproductin involves formation and fusion of gametes. Events of sexual reproduction may be categorized into the pre-fertilization, fertilization and post-fertilzation events.

Pre-fertilization events of sexual reproduction are found prior to the fusion of gametes. The two main pre-fertilization events are gametogenesis and gamete transfer. Gametes are always haploid and homogametes or heterogametes. After formation, the male and female gametes are brought together to facilitiate fertilization. The fusion of two similar or disssimilar gametes is Asexual and sexual reproduction multiple choice quiz on lipids syngamy and its result in Formation of diploid zygote is formed, this process is known as fertilization.

It is external or internal. The formation of zygote and the process of development of embryo are called post fertilization events.

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Zygote is the vital link that ensures continuity of species between organisms of one generation and the next. Embryogenesis is the process of development of embryo from the zygote during embryogenesis zygote undergoes cell division and cell differentiation cell divisions increase the number of cells while differentiation helps group of cells to under go certain modification to form specialized tisse and organs to form an organism.

Which physiological process is necessary for birth, growth, death, production of offspring and for continuity of the species?

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The plants which bears only two types of hetero spores during Sporophytic stage is known as………. The fertilized eggs of reptile and birds are covered with calcareous shell. Due to this the zygote passes from which phase? In specific plant structure rhizome, tuber, corm, bulbil are the strange sexual reproductive system.

If vegetative growth of the plant takes place but flower production does not occur-then what could be the reason for this? Identify the mis-match statement regarding post fertilization events from the following statements. What type of fruit will be produced by fixing the stock of sour juice producing branch on scion of plant having sweet branch? Sunday, November 18, Famous failures of most successful personalities [Motivational] June 9, The materials and information provided on this website are for reference purposes only.

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