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Fr. barron comments on homosexuality


I think where we are right now in the states — I'll apply the Aquinas principal — I think it would probably cause much more problems and dissension and difficulty if we kept pressing it. Rubin asked, "Do you not see gay marriage as one of the ones you said was so pressing earlier when you said abortion was one that was so pressing that it could shift, alter the course of a country Barron replied, "No, I do think it has a negative impact on the wider society. I do think it is, in a certain way, a compromising or an undermining of an institution that's key to the health of a society.

Rubin had asked Barron if he thinks abortion should be illegal. He declared the right to life to be the most fundamental human right, reasoning that an attack on innocent human life is "the most outrageous moral problem.

Thomas Aquinas, Fr. barron comments on homosexuality noted, however, that a law could "cause a problem so enormous on the other side [that] prudence dictates you shouldn't legislate against it.

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