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Stalin waxing lyrical about the friendship of peoples in Aprila famous period of international idyll when there were no other important concerns: The Tajiks are a special people. The Tajik — that means the one who wears the crown, that is how they were called by the Iranians, and the Tajiks have justified this title. The Tajiks are the people whose intelligentsia produced the great poet Ferdowsi, and it is no surprise that the Tajiks draw their cultural traditions from him.

You must have felt the artistic flair of the Tajiks in the past decade, that their ancient culture and unique artistic talent as expressed in music, and song, and dance.

Sometimes our Russian colleagues mix them up: This is, of course, incorrect. The Tajiks are a unique people, with a huge and ancient culture, and under our Soviet conditions they are marked out for a great future. And the entire Soviet Union must help them with that. I propose a toast to the flowering of Tajik art, to the Tajik people, and so that we, Muscovites, are always prepared to help them with everything that is necessary.

The reality is that Stalin hated and Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction Russian nationalism as much as any other Bolshevik ideologue, but opportunistically adopted some of its talking points every now and then to shore up his regime.

Of course actual Russian nationalists who took him at his word seriously enough to return to the USSR tended to meet sticky ends. The main thing that distinguished Stalin from his multinational predecessors was that he was more consistent and also went after the other national minority — Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish, etc.

Considering the ethnic composition of the most active Cold Warriors and neocons explains a lot about their curiously specific hatred of Stalin and regrettably, rather successful efforts to associate him with Russian nationalism in the Western discourse.

I read somewhere that Stalin may have been partly descended from Ossetians. Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction

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If true this might explain his affinity for the Tajiks. Ossetians, like Tajiks, are originally descended from the ancient Iranians. They fought the Cold War to regain power and resume their Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction of policies in Russia.

They succeeded at this in the s. Then Putin took power away from them again, but much less completely and in a much milder fashion than Stalin. This is a really, really pale shadow of what happened in the late s. All politics is ethnic and tribal.

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Well, except for me and the SWPLs. Anyway, all political conflict is tribal, but some of its consequences are cultural and economic — stuff that can be classified as left or right. In that Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction Stalin was right-wing and his Trotskyist-Cold Warrior enemies were left-wing.

The Old Bolsheviks legalized homosexuality. He banned it again in They blew up churches. He stopped doing that and concluded an agreement with the Russian Orthodox Church in They eliminated school grades. He reinstated them in They looted the economy the way that s oligarchs looted it later. He built an enormous amount of industry, without which the USSR would have probably lost to Germany Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction. They supported modernist, degenerate art.

He supported traditional, realistic art. As for nationalism, obviously he was a Georgian who loved Georgia.

And I think he favored it a bit from Moscow, and I "Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction" that Georgians knew it. Beyond that he tried to run a multiethnic state without offending any of the ethnicities in it. Putin is a patriot of the multi-ethnic Russian state and I guess to some extent Stalin was too.

But he then proceeds to dismantle a lot of the leftism that they so painstakingly created. Both of his parents were Georgian speakers from Georgia though and I think that he considered himself Georgian. The Chechens and Avars are neither Turkic nor Iranian-speaking. Their languages are Caucasian, like Georgian. Ossetians are Iranian-speaking, but in that quote Stalin was clearly only taking about union-republic-level ethnicities.

Ossetians were one level below that. This is an interesting point you make about Stalin and Russian nationalism.

About as negative as his view of Russian nationalism, I might add. This is all more complicated than you seem to think. The claim is that his father was a Georgianized Ossetian. I had a colleague back in USSR, senior than me, who in approx.

Oct 12, Poskrebyshev was married...

He managed to visit Hoover Institute at Stanford University, and was extremely lucky to meet there in Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction A. In comparison with Stalin, he would do much more harm to Russian people. Kerensky told to my astonished colleague: This would be very difficult to deny.

In short, Trotsky said that Stalin betrayed the revolution, and this was true. The privatization of the s was a second collectivization, with a number of victims that was roughly equal to the first. Color revolutions are worldwide revolution. Neokahns shamelessly fabricated a Putin rehabilitation of Stalin to justify a new Cold War. Stalin, not Lenin, since the latter was a stronger internationalist and social leftist.

Apparently the level of my understanding of English is not advanced enough. Who of them sabotaged the collectivization, and whose opinion about that sabotage did you express: The rehabilitation is real, but seems to have little to do with Kremlin policy. But I sincerely hope that you, Mr.

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I am very sorry to note, that Stalin did not betray World revolution. Stalin to my utter sorrow instead of breaking with the idea of World revolution, just postponed the technical actions in the implementing World revolution till the opportunistic moment; Nestor lakoba wife sexual dysfunction moment when USSR got fully militarized for that cannibalistic task. I think that the revolution was a horrible thing, that it was good to betray it and that Stalin did basically do that.

Speaking of which, for the sake of Ukrainians I hope that someone eventually betrays the Maidan. Is this just your reading on Trotsky-Stalin, or do you have something that proves Trotsky said we need to kill more kulaks?