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The spray message also can be a notice of availability for those cats wishing to attract members of the opposite sex. It then vibrates or flags his or her tail while ejecting a horizontal stream of very pungent, pheromone-rich urine to anoint the chosen area.

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Spraying is a normal feline behavior and not generally a litter box problem. Intact male cats are the most likely to spritz urine although neutered and un-neutered cats of all ages are capable of doing so.

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Frustrated or anxious cats may spray because of changes in their environment or routine. Disruption of their previously established social status due to an introduction of a new cat or family member may also be a trigger, Cats disturbed by these issues probably urine mark to create a familiar scent around them, thus decreasing some of their anxiety. In mult-cat households, especially if the living space is cramped, territorial disputes and conflicts are much more likely to occur.

In many cases if one ensures that that there are adequate numbers of food bowls, resting places and litter boxes for each cat their will be a noticeable reduction in the number of spraying episodes. A good litter box formula is to have one box per cat plus one extra box.

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Litter boxes themselves should always be well tended, spaced out from each other and attractive to each cat. Features of importance include cleanliness, litter depth, optimally three to four inches deep in littertype of litter and size of litter box. Bigger is definitely better!

Studies show that many cats prefer unscented clumping materials to scented or clay litter Manvsgame wife sexual dysfunction. Litter boxes should be easily accessible, placed in quiet locations and "Manvsgame wife sexual dysfunction" the cats spend most of their time.

Time spent in positive interactions such as brushing and game playing with your cat is time well spent. It provides a positive bonding experience for both parties. Punishment should always be avoided as it can increase anxiety and create the potential increase of unwanted spraying behavior.

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Some factors outside the control of an owner such as the presence of neighborhood cats or squirrels can trigger marking behavior. Blocking off of windows and glass patio doors from the cats view may help with this problem.

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