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Authorities would conduct a survey on August 14 to check fitness of launches in Mawa-Kawrakandi route Until Tuesday night, bodies of four passengers were found in the Padma River.

According to the control room set up by local administration, Kaushal lokuarachchi wife sexual dysfunction passengers are still missing. Relatives of the missing people kept waiting on the river bank yesterday too. On the other hand, rescuers from different government agencies failed to trace the sunken vessel until midnight.

It is assumed that many passengers were stuck inside it. Others may have died. Some of the bodies were stuck in shoals. Noria, Polash and Jajira of Shariatpur, where five bodies were found floating, is more than 40km downstream from the spot where the double-decker launch capsized with more than passengers on board on Monday morning. The relatives suspect that many bodies have drifted to the sea.

Many fear that the launch too has already been washed away from the spot. However, an official supervising the rescue efforts of the Fire Service and Civil Defence told the Dhaka Tribune in the evening that the launch might not be washed away too far. Moreover, two bodies were found floating just 5km off the spot. But now I am thinking that we can use eight boats on a line for the salvage operation so that we can cover more than 1, feet.

Laboni Akter, whose cousin and aunt are missing after the deadly launch capsize in the Padma River, has nothing else to do but shed tears. Launch owners do not give a damn about laws n Mohammad Jamil Khan Even after recurrent tragic launch accidents involving deaths of hundreds of innocent lives, launch owners continue to pay no attention to the security and safety of passengers. In most such passenger-carrying water vessel accidents, owners have always been able to escape through the loopholes of legal provisions, much to the frustration of the victims.

After each accident the gun is pointed at the masters drivers and the supervisors whereas the money generated at the cost of hundreds of innocent lives go to the pockets of the owners. As per the marine law of Inland. Shipping Ordinance ISOif direct involvement of Kaushal lokuarachchi wife sexual dysfunction launch owners are found in accidents, the punishment will be only five years of imprisonment, Tk1 lakh penalty and a payment of Tk5 lakh as compensation.

However, following most such accidents, owners have always evaded strict punitive measures and had been able to get off easily by only paying the fine, sources at marine court said. They also said such defiance of law by the owners has claimed lives of.

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