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Carlos was mentally unstable and was imprisoned by his father in earlydying after half a year of solitary confinement. His grandfather was the reigning Habsburg Emperor, Charles Vwhile his grandmother, Empress Isabellawas the emperor's recently deceased wife.

Carlos's mother Maria died four days after the birth of her son from a haemorrhage she had suffered following the birth. The young Infante Carlos was delicate and deformed. He grew up proud and willful and, as a Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction adult, began to show signs of mental instability.

Many of his physical and psychological afflictions may have stemmed from the inbreeding common to the House of Habsburg and the royal houses of Portugal House of Aviz and Spain. He had only six great-great-grandparents, instead of the maximum 16; [2] his maternal grandmother and his paternal grandfather were siblings, his maternal grandfather and his paternal grandmother were also siblings, and his two great-grandmothers were sisters.

Carlos lost his mother four Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction after his birth. He was raised by his aunts and, after their marriages, with other family members. According to the courtesan Gramiz, Carlos was spoiled, emotionally unstable, and not very bright.

The descriptions of his behaviour suggest that he suffered from some serious mental problems. Rumour in the Spanish court had it that he enjoyed roasting animals alive and in one occasion blinded all horses in the royal stables.

At age eleven he ordered the whipping of a serving girl for no known reason. The Venetian ambassador, Hieronymo Soranzo, thought that Carlos was "ugly and repulsive" and claimed that Carlos liked to roast animals alive and once tried to force a shoemaker to eat shoes Carlos had found unsatisfactory. Another Venetian, Paolo Tiepolo, wrote: FromHonorary Juan was in charge of both his education and his library.

Said library was based on books on Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction history, Aragonese history, Portuguese history, Mathematics, Astronomy and Cartography. He had no books in Latin, which was strange given his age and rank, but he had various books in Portuguese and started learning German in It is suggested that the accident of didn't damage his intellectual ability, even though this is unclear. Inthe 56 year old Emperor Charles, grandfather of Carlos, abdicated to the Monastery of Yuste in southern Spain, leaving the Spanish holdings of his Empire Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction his son, Philip, who was Carlos's father.

The emperor died in retirement at the age of 58 inand the following year, inPrince Carlos was betrothed to Elizabeth of Valoiseldest daughter of King Henry II of France.

However, for political reasons, and for his father's mistrust on Carlos's temper, she instead married his father, King Philip, in His health was always weak. At age 11 he got sick with malariawhich caused him severe deformations in legs and spinal column. Carlos constantly complained about his father's resistance to giving him positions of authority.

Finally, the King gave him a position in the Council of Castile and another in the Council of Aragon. This only made Carlos more furious, since both organisations were important but ultimately consultative.

He showed no interest in the councils or in familiarising himself with political matters through them. Three other brides were then suggested for the Prince: It was agreed in that Carlos should marry Anna. The 15 year old Carlos was recognised in as the heir-apparent to the Castilian throne, and three years later as heir-apparent to the Crown of Aragon as well.

He often attended meetings of the Council of State which dealt with foreign affairs and was in correspondence with his aunt Margaretwho governed the Low Countries in his father's name. Inhe suffered a serious head injury falling downstairs while chasing a serving girl. The prince was close to death and in terrible pain. His father was forced to move him away from any position of power.

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His frustration and mental problems were useful for the rebel factions in the Low Countries. In Carlos made contacts with a representative of Count Egmont and Philip of Montmorency, from the Low Countries, who were among the leaders of the revolt against Philip. He planned on fleeing to the Netherlands and declaring himself king, with the support of the rebels.

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In Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction van Montmorency established new contacts with him in the name of Count Egmont and Philip of Montmorency, to repeat the previous plot. In the prince gave new proofs of mental instability. During a walk, water thrown from a window accidentally splashed him. He ordered the house to be set on fire. He tried to stab and kill the Duke of Alba in public and in broad daylight. He tried to throw a servant who bothered him through the window of the highest floor of the palace, and also tried to kill a guard who had also displeased him that same year.

In the autumn of he made another attempt to flee to the Netherlands by asking John of Austria to take him to Italy.

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John was loyal to the king and aware of Carlos's mental state. He asked for 24 hours to think about it and used them to consult the Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction with the king who immediately denied permission for the trip. He charged his gun and called John of Austria to his room, where he tried to shoot him repeatedly.

The attempted assassination was fruitless because one of the servants, knowing the prince full well, had discharged the gun while the prince called John.

Carlos got Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction irate that he tried to attack John with his bare hands. He eventually informed various people in court of his desire to murder the King. There is debate about whether he actually tried to do so. After that incident, Philip imprisoned the prince in his rooms without receiving correspondence and with limited contacts with the exterior world.

Philip IV of Spain was...

Carlos also tried a hunger strike, in which he failed. When it came to explaining the situation to public opinion and European courts, Philip tried to explain his son's absence without disclosing his actual faults or mental condition, in hopes of an eventual recovery.

This lack of transparency Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction used to fuel the anti-Imperial propaganda of William of Orange. On the 24th of July,the prince died in his room, probably as the result of his delicate health. His death was used as one of the core elements of the Black Legend in the Netherlands, which needed to justify a revolt against the king.

It was later Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction that he was poisoned on the orders of King Philip, especially by William the Silent in his Apologya propaganda work against the Spanish king. Carlos grew very thin and some had interpreted his "hunger strikes" as an eating disorder developed during his imprisonment, alternating self-starvation with heavy binges. The idea of King Philip confining and murdering his own son later played a minor role in establishing the anti-Spanish Black Legend [14] in England, and a major one in forming it in the Netherlands, Germany and central Europe.

In both works, romantic tragedies that combine nationalism and romantic love, Carlos incarnates the ideal of the romantic knight, noble and brave. He is presented as the lover of young Isabel of Valois, Philip's wife, as they both fight for freedom and for their love against a cruel, despotic, merciless, and far-too-old-for-Isabel Philip II and his court of equally cruel and despotic Spaniards.

Finally the hero is defeated by treason due to his excess of nobility.

Reign does hold true to the facts of brain damage, but instead of a fall, Don Carlos's head is impaled by a piece of wood from his " sex horse ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Several of the Carlist pretenders to the Spanish throne were also known as Don Carlos. La memoria de los libros.

Felipe II y su tiempo. Instituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani. Consultado el 5 de noviembre de Retrieved 9 January The generations indicate descent from Carlos Iunder whom the crowns of Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction and Aragon were united, forming the Kingdom of Spain. Previously, the title Infante had been largely used in the different realms. Cristopher Maximilian I John Wolfgang. Philip I of Castile Archduke Francis.

Charles I Ferdinand I. Leopold Joseph Leopold John. Emperor Charles I Maximilian Eugen. Nicholas Constantin Jacob Maximilian. Princes and Princesses of Asturias. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal. Isabella I of Castile.

Ferdinand II of Aragon. Manuel I of Portugal. Philip I of Castile. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. John III of Portugal. Philip II of Spain. Filipe luis wife sexual dysfunction, Prince of Asturias.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Charles, Prince of Asturias. Prince of Asturias — Vacant Title next held by Ferdinand. Ferdinand Karl Heinrich Maria. 5 set.

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