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Tips for successful speed dating


This is the reason everyone decided to show up for some speed dating! I will be your host for the night, and while I am rooting for everyone to have success tonight, I need everyone who fails tonight to help me move next week because apparently you have to pay your rent to live in this city. Just a warning, you may fall in love with me.

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Now, before we envision ourselves marrying someone after just two minutes of conversation, let me go through some helpful tips that if followed will ensure you leave here with your potential soul mate, or at least someone who can help me move my couch, my dresser, and other large items. God, I hate my landlord.

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Now, how about some tips? First off, always trust your instincts. If your date looks familiar, chances are you have seen them on the news and the police is looking for them. Now, others might see this as a red flag and might quickly cross them off their list. But I see that as a sign Tips for successful speed dating your date is possibly adventurous which means years and years of adventures and running through different countries.

Do not be put off if your date tells you that they are unemployed, that can mean various things so make sure to give them a chance. I am sure they will tell you that they are an actor waiting for their big break, and they have already been in a few furniture commercials.

This screams ambitious Tips for successful speed dating me, and you know you have hit it big with them. Any day now they can snag the role of a lifetime, and then you will find yourself living your life in luxury.

And who wants to date someone with a typical nine to five job? Not me, that scream boring to me. Since your folks only have a very small amount of time to make a connection, do not be afraid to get the important questions out of the way first. Asks them if they have a healthy lifestyle, if they attend a gym, if they know of anyone who is looking to rent out an apartment on the cheap, and if they are strong enough to carry multiple large boxes at once.

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