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Wants to meet you pof


I would message them. They obviously thought that you were cute and that they would like to meet you.

I have that feature too and it always confuses me that a guy clicks meet me and doesn't message me. Or if I message him, he doesn't respond. I've had that happen. But it's a good indicator that they are interested. So why not take a couple minutes and write a few of them? I think you have matched with some girl. Anonymous you had that cruel experience too?

I had a cute guy say he wanted to meet me and apparently he saw my profile too. I soon send a message to him and so far I've only got one reply from him. Do people secretly love getting your hopes up like that? I hate Wants to meet you pof people do that! I think some people are either too scared to Wants to meet you pof through or aren't really serious about finding someone online.

It's like a Wink or Smile on other dating sites. It is used to show you're interested.

Most Helpful Guy

It doesn't litereally mean they really want to meet you. It's a poor choice by POF in my opinion. I've had a few girls say they wanted to Meet Me, but after I sent one little email I never got a reply. I don't understand it but I guess the wink is a good consolation prize. But it's part of online Wants to meet you pof, unfortunately! I feel like people who do that are either scared of online dating stranger danger or they aren't really serious in the first place.

Well, I'd start out with a message, and maybe expand into a date. You never know what might happen. The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

Most Helpful Girls

Plenty of fish meet me, what does it mean? A lot of pretty girls have chosen to "meet me". What does that mean? Do they want me to message them? What is the deal. Do you have closure on old relationships before you begin a new one?

Are really hot guys usually players? Should I be mad that my boyfriend only wanted to sleep with me at first?

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