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Kelsey buzzfeed dating a scientist


If you take them anywhere, be prepared for them to make several pit-stops. They have the curiosity of a child and enjoy exploring the world around them. If you find this irritating rather than endearing, dating a scientist may not be an option for you.

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They are not out to prove everyone wrong, they are simply seeking the truth. If you show them evidence as to why they are wrong, they will respect that and change their minds.

Outliers do exist but we just ignore those "Kelsey buzzfeed dating a scientist." They will be prepared to tell you why, how, and at what time, temperature, and altitude you were wrong.

But, with substantial evidence. So even if you are wrong, you will learn something new.

Their brains are not just filled with facts. They can dabble in the arts or be creative in a way that does not even involve the subject of humanities.

No matter what their temperament may be, they are more than the data they display to the world. See below for more details. You cannot pinpoint their personality type. Scientists can be INTPs.

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