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Mlp dating sim deviantart photoshop


At first glance, deviantART also known as Deviant 'tards appears to be an inspiring treasure-trove of wishful-thinking fanart and pseudo-professional " artwork ". In reality, it is one of the most fucked-up internet communities the Web 2.

is this a game and...

The words "societal degeneration" are an understatement to what lurks on this website. What you'll most likely find is attention seeking porn for page views sake and bad, shortly written, unimaginative, out of character fanfiction. There is no shortage of Rule 34 on that site. Users constantly check and update their profile page's E-penis here and violently force it to grow larger, so all the other sick fucks in the world can share the common love of uncontrolled cirlejerking and having Mlp dating sim deviantart photoshop pseudo-safe haven for their weird fetishes.

While similar establishments like MTV destroyed good music by motivating the public to become wiggers and prostatotsdeviantART destroys the "good" art world by fulfilling its function of turning out furry drama whores and emo attention whores. Constant exposure to this site, no matter who you are, will make you end up in an asylum.

But of course you're a sick bastard, and you will go back there and create sock accounts, and log in thru multiple browser windows in order to fap to the tamer than FurAffinity draenei pinups and harpy pinups and Derpy shemale splooge cartoons.

The internet knows what you want, you sick over scab eater. It's funny that a cartooning site with tens of thousands of cartoonists, from year-old shitheads to hardened professionals, can only boast Curt Sibling as its "funniest artist".

That is the ultimate fucked-uppiness of dA. It feeds their broken little egos and that is the most important function of dA.

DeviantART's population consists mainly of emotionally-unstable artists who aspire to move to Japan and become famous manga artistsbut instead they end up as Cosplay enthusiasts that earn a living off the Harajuku by exchanging odd jobs for food in the back alleys behind the clothing stores.

That's why you have all these weird submission categories. Regardless of type, however, all tartlet usernames must "Mlp dating sim deviantart photoshop" references to wolvesthe moon, Sonic the Hedgehogbe a character from any video game, or end with -chan.

So, even though you haven't asked me yourself, I might as well tell you the gloomy details and get the whole thing over with. I'm 18 years old, I have dark hair, I'm a little over six feet tall, and I have green eyes, a car, and a country club membership.

These are all desirable traits that fertile adults seek to propagate. Get back to Mlp dating sim deviantart photoshop. No, really, see for yourself.

The highest level of creativity of an average XNALara faggot. Notice how perfectly the skin tone of her legs and face match. Proof how the members of the XNALara community are very nice and the Mlp dating sim deviantart photoshop polite people that ever existed.

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