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Plenty of hoes


This investigation is focusing on PlentyOfHoes. You might think that Plenty Of Hoes is a dating service but it's not.

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Read the full review below where we get it into everything and help you understand what's really going on behind the scenes that you're most likely not aware of. These dating cons are fake adult sex dating sites that make money by essentially tricking their users into buying worthless monthly subscriptions to their bogus online hookup sites.

The number one site that it looks like it's sending traffic to is IAmNaughty. We know IAmNaughty very well since we exposed this website many years ago 4 years ago to be exact back in And what has happened since then? This website is operating with impunity, no problems from law enforcement, no problems from the Federal Trade Commission or any other government branch. They're making millions and millions of dollars defrauding thousands of consumers across the world with the help of the owners of PlentyOfHoes.

How does all of this work? The first thing that happens is you land on PlentyOfHoes. Once you're on the website and you click a button you are redirected using url redirection to a number of different dating sites that PlentyOfHoes is promoting. The reason they are sending their visitors Plenty of hoes these fake dating services is so they can make money.

Once you as a user join WildSpank or IAmNaughty the owners of PlentyOfHoes receive financial compensation when you upgrade from a free membership to a paid monthly Plenty of hoes. They make money by getting you to the scam website. You might be asking yourself what exactly is the scam?

The answer is Plenty of hoes they have a variety of different techniques in their arsenal that they use against their own users. One of the tactics that they love to use is the creation of an army of phony female profiles. When you land on IAmNaughty. All of these females are not legitimate Plenty of hoes members of the dating site.

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These profiles have been systematically created using images of attractive looking women combined with fake dating profile information. The owners of WildSpank. Once you as a registered user try to communicate with these women you need to upgrade and purchase a monthly membership. Communicating, emailing and sending instant messages back and forth with other members is impossible Plenty of hoes you give your credit card information to these phony dating sites.

And that is one of the methods they use to defraud people. Another popular Plenty of hoes that they use is to send registered users like yourself computer generated email messages. These emails appear to be coming from local women in your community but it's all a trick used to get you to buy a subscription to their website. These messages have not been sent to you from horny local girls who want to have sex with you.

The truth of the matter is that you're interacting with the computer bots disguised to appear to be real females. Read this tutorial that will help you to spot phony profiles on dating sites so you don't get duped or scammed.

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The owners are PlentyOfHoes make money by promoting and marketing fake hookup sites. Now you know the truth about what's really going on!

Spread this review on social media and help to stop other people from getting defrauded and ripped off from these crooks. Anyone who signs up to a website called ' Plenty of Hoes' expecting real women to sign up for a site that calls them hoes in order to meet and be fucked by desperate men who think of them as hoes…probably deserves to be scammed.

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