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Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health


Paragirl's Place is my blog and story sharing site. I am a wheelchair fetishist and pretender who is a happily married lesbian, who happens to be a foot fetishist and also has a blindness fetish. Yeah - we're a couple of crazy girls, let me tell Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy: For a future story, I agree with the post asking for a story about someone lightly confined, eg, some folks with severe CP are strapped into a chair to control their involuntary movements.

Perhaps find a mirror at a garage sale, that will reflect her desires, and change her while she sleeps she won't understand why it happened at first. Just one of a myriad of possibilities. Her hands were shaking. She stared at the unlabeled bottle of clear fluid that sat on her bedside table and reached out her hand to take it, then retracted it. She breathed in again and grabbed the bottle, squirting the clear fluid into both eyes, flooding them completely before she could rethink her decision.

She dropped the bottle as the cool, stinging sensation hit both her eyes simultaneously, working from the front to the back, until it felt like the coolness was behind her eyes, just above her cheekbones and sinuses. Lisa closed her eyes, lay down on the bed, and cried until she fell asleep. Morning came via a chiming alarm clock as Lisa immediately realized the bright morning sun streaming through her bedroom window was a thing of the past. Her world was totally, utterly black. Beyond black, really, something impossible for Lisa to describe, even to herself.

She had a dull, throbbing headache at her temples and felt dizzy, unsteady as she lay in her soft bed. She knew the headache was a side effect of the drugs, but the dizziness Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health wasn't sure about. She sat up carefully and was immediately disoriented, feeling almost nauseous as she sat upright. She lay back down, her breathing shallow, almost panicked. She thought she knew what to expect, thought she understood what being blind would be like, but this was very different from walking around the house with a blindfold on, very different from tapping around the living room wearing dark sunglasses and a broomstick handle cane.

It was the only way, it was all going to be worth it. That was Lisa's mantra, and she repeated it over and over again as she lay in bed and tried to become accustomed to the situation, tried to calm her mind and come Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health terms with Not 'her situation' she told herself. Complete, irreversible blindness, incurable after one hour of contact with the drugs. The alarm went off after seven hours, give or take.

That meant that not only was she completely blind, but all traces of the drug would also be flushed from her system.

That thought led to another - Lisa had to pee, and she needed to do it soon. In her blind state, the other messages sent by her body were coming through loud and clear now. She felt her way to the edge of the bed and swung her feet off, slipping to the floor to stand. It felt for an instant like she was free-falling from some great height and she gasped, then her feet touched the floor and she steadied herself.

How far to the bathroom? She stood, Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health feeling slightly dizzy, and held her hands out in front of her, waving them as if she were feeling her way across the room.

After three steps she stubbed her toe hard against something and found herself disoriented, her big toe throbbing. Her need to pee was becoming urgent and she realized that finding her way to her bathroom was going to be more difficult than she had imagined. Deciding that pride was the least of her needs now, Lisa crouched slowly, carefully to the ground and then began to feel her way across the floor of her room, finding the wall, then slowly making it to the door, then the hallway.

It took her ten minutes, "Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health" she made her way to the toilet and sat, feeling amazing relief as she urinated. She cleaned herself, groped blindly for the flush handle, then felt her way to the sink. She washed her hands and splashed water on her face - it felt amazing and incredibly refreshing, she noted - and then felt her way slowly, deliberately to the living room. She felt her way to the door, found the deadbolt, and un-locked it.

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She then crawled to Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health couch, sat, and picked up the phone. Lisa tried to build up as much fear and panic as she could before she replied - she found it wasn't nearly as difficult as she had thought. I think I'm blind How old are you? She had rehearsed this part very thoroughly, over and over again. I took a couple Tylenol and went to bed.

I woke up to my Bracedlife quadriplegic sexual health this morning and Please don't be afraid, OK? Heard clicking and scratching noises she couldn't place. All the while, she heard and felt so much, but saw nothing. Not a flicker, not a shadow - the blindness was complete and total.

This was the key, if she got this right, it would all be worthwhile.

To be sure, paralysis often...

It made her feel dizzy. This was fertilizer or something. The guy had a green and yellow uniform, I remember that.

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