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Sometimes the best way to escape from a productive rut is to switch up your tools. Here are some of the best productivity apps for phones, tablets, and computers that launched in the last year or got a substantial upgrade. Email worth paying for. Boards at your fingertips. After seven years without proper desktop Best online dating apps 2019 downloadable calendar, the excellent board-based project management tool Trello released Mac and Windows versions last September.

Magic tricks for tasks. For those who take their to-do lists seriously, Things has all sorts of powerful features. It even has its own deep-linking mechanism that can connect to-do lists with other apps. Everything in one place. If your team wastes too much time copying and pasting data into emails, Quip could be the answer.

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The collaborative document editor added its own apps platform last year, turning it into a central hub for analytics charts, drawings, planning boards, polls, status bars, and spreadsheets. A tally-friendly to-do list. Define how many times you must perform an action to complete the task, then tap on that task to keep a running tally. Put down the phone. Stop letting your smartphone pull you away from work. A to-do list for minimalists. Are overly complex task managers making you less productive?

If so, check out Blinkan alternative that strips out everything but the essentials.

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Although Google Calendar has been around for years, it finally added a proper iPad app last year, along with an iOS notification widget and support for iOS 11 drag-and-drop. The web app also received a modern makeover. Third-party calendar clients will have to try a little harder now.

For iPad Pro users, Notability is the best app for taking notes with an Apple Pencil, mostly because it can synchronize recorded audio with handwritten notes. That way, you can look over an interview or lecture, and listen to what was happening as you wrote.

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Ready to free yourself from Microsoft Word? Bear is a slick alternative for iOS and Mac, based on Markdown but without all the formatting clutter that most other Markdown editors use. The app also has plenty of handy import and export tools, and even lets you link between notes.

What's the best dating app,...

As a modern replacement for the classic Windows Notepad, Appy Text provides a clean interface for putting words on Best online dating apps 2019 downloadable calendar page. For your next novel. A beloved tool for long-form writing, Scrivener lets you break ideas into sections, shuffle them around on a virtual corkboard, and create extensive outlines.

The Mac version got a major update last year, with a more modern-looking interface, daily writing statistics, and more exporting options, and a similar update is headed to Windows in Five years after launching as way to draw on the iPad, FiftyThree relaunched its Paper and Paste apps as collaboration tools. Write well, not good.

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