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Ana de toosexy


I was notified by Goodreads that D. MacDonald has a new book coming out this month called The Ice Bridge.

Mar 1, And on Monday,...

And different cover image. Compare this line from the synopsis of Anna From Away: In this post-Fifty Shades world, what is the American publisher afraid of but putting that out there?

What do you think? Yes, I would say it is a story about a woman finding her identity and empowerment through sexuality.

She still gets her man a different man in the end. Also, in 50 shades the female lead is a 21 year old virgin who submits to a rich, powerful, older man.

The man she seduces is younger, and poorer, than she is. You know you can buy 50 Shades anywhere, right? As a small addendum: It was really good.

Taylor Swift sends flowers to...

Sort of… David Adams Richards light I mean that less dismissively than it sounds. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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