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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Reluctant Cat Mom, Jeon Jeongguk: Jeon Jeongguk lives next door. You make my heart shake Bend and break But I can't turn away And it's driving me wild You're driving me wild. Not that he needs to. Music shitty Top 40s music, with a heavy emphasis on Justin Bieber which plays blasts through the walls several times, several dozen fucking times, practically a daily fucking basis.

Loud enough that the thin plaster between their places vibrates and the plates in the dish rack rattle. There are days where Yoongi has considered marching down the hallway and confronting the asshole himself. Give them a piece of his mind. He never does, though. Because, again, not a people person.

Because those days, by coincidence, often are the Bad Days. Or forgets to eat until long after the sun goes down. Those days where he stays up all night just to get a grand total of jackshit done—internal systems firing on a fucked up cocktail of caffeine, self-hatred and a constant Curve game meme hookup ghosting halloween sayings of fuck this fuck that fuck you.

An engine sputtering until it restarts again. Those heavy, hollow, grey-tinted days. The scuff marks add a little personality to the apartment if anything. He can deal with all of that and more. He can even deal with the odd slamming door and "Curve game meme hookup ghosting halloween sayings" occasional weird thumps and slams—the distinct noise of body-meeting-floor that makes Yoongi speculate whether his neighbor is either a an enthusiastic participant in inhumanely rough sex, or b a literal fucking serial killer.

Still, he can deal. Monday through Saturday is for lyrics and studio time, grinding his thoughts down with mortar and pestle to try and concoct some sort of working melody. But Sundays are for crossword puzzles.

For sitting in the sliver of sunlight that spills through the window, drinking a pot of coffee as the morning unfurls to afternoon. Paper laid out on his lap, dictionary in one hand, pen in the other.