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The primary reason is that it is unlikely that an inventor or group of inventors could know or use, patent or describe their own invention in a printed publication, in this or a foreign country "Antedating meaningful beauty" their actually inventing the subject matter unless their invention was for some sort of time machine that they then use don themselves. These publications, patents, knowledge, or uses might have multiple parties listed or involved, just like the patent application, which may list one or more inventors.

In such a case, the listed inventors might not have invented the subject matter of all of the claimed invention before the Antedating meaningful beauty in the publication since some of the claimed subject matter could have been Antedating meaningful beauty by the author who was not listed as an applicant—the third author Traney ma y have invented some of the subject matter first. One way of removing the reference is Antedating meaningful beauty the author of the paper who was not listed as an applicant on the patent application to write an affidavit stating that the pertinent portions of the cited publication originated with the patent applicants rather than the non applicant co-author.

However, if it is determined that the non listed inventor was actually a co-inventor who should have been listed as an inventor but was mistakenly left off, the patent application may be amended to correct the mistake in inventor ship provided the correction is in accord with the Antedating meaningful beauty for amending inventor ship. The addition of the non listed author to the patent application results in the list of the publication authors and the inventive entity being the same.

Finally, information available on the Internet can be a printed publication. Thus, for example, the use of an herbal treatment for a particular malady as practiced by a nativeAndean tribein South America might not prevent a patent to an independent but later discovered invention of the same thing in the United States.

Probably more than anything Antedating meaningful beauty, this distinction is rooted in the historical concerns regarding the ability to obtain evidence of activities occurring outside of the United States versus within the United States. While this concern is still real, the world has shrunk very significantly in recent years, and the wisdom of making this distinction has become increasingly questioned.

What if somebody or a limited group of people knew about or used the invention and never disseminated information about their use? If a person or group of people knew about or used the invention but kept that knowledge secret, then it would not benefit the public at large.

As you were reading this section, you may have at some point come to wonder what is meant by Antedating meaningful beauty effective date of the prior art. In keeping with the general purpose and intent of the prior art, we can appreciate that its effective date should relate to the date that it begins to fulfill its purpose of informing the public.

In so doing, priorart becomes effective when it actually becomes generally accessible by the public. Thus, Antedating meaningful beauty example, a magazine or journal article becomes prior art not on the day it is printed or on the day it is mailed but rather on the day it is first received by an addressee.

Many publications have online versions and the effective publication date could very well be the day it was posted on the Internet. For this, it is first necessary to appreciate that an invention is conveniently thought of as consisting of two parts: The conception portion relates to the mental aspect of the invention, the idea of the invention before it is put together in tangible form.

The reduction to practice can be actual or Antedating meaningful beauty. An actual reduction to practice is the putting together of aworking example, model, or prototype of the invention and demonstrating that the invention works to fulfill its intended purpose.

A constructive reduction to practice is the filing of the patent application itself. The linchpin connecting conception and reduction to practice is the concept of due diligence. The due diligence in regard to an actual reduction to practice means reasonable diligence on the part of the inventor.

The establishment of reasonable diligence is necessarily fact specific but will require proof that the invention was worked on during the entire required diligence period,or acceptable excuses must be provided for lapses in time; mere statements will not suffice, and the work relied on to show diligence must relate directly to the reduction to practice of the invention attempts to commercialize or finance the reduction to practice have been held to be not sufficient.

In a constructive reduction to practice,reasonable diligence must be exercised both by the inventor and the attorney or agentwhomight be assisting in preparing the patent application. To antedate or swear behind the cited reference, the inventor s will need to have invented the claimed section matter in question before the effective date of the reference, and the invention will need to have been made in the United States, a NAFTA country, or a WTO member country this probably does not leave too much out.

The actual showing of proof will normally be in the form of an affidavit, which includes drawings or records or copies thereof unless there is a satisfactory explanation for not having such record of proof. Perhaps as an inventor or as a prospective future inventor, you have been reminded of the importance of keeping accurate records documenting and dating your research efforts. You also might have been asked to have a co-worker witness and sign your lab notebook pages.

These requirements are primarily due to the critical importance of having proof of the actual invention date. In both cases, the success or the failure can well turn on the quality of evidence that the inventor can produce. Moreover, if the published U.

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As a practical matter, this means that when you see a published US or PCT application designated with publication numbers preceded by WOits effective prior art date could very well be before the publication date of the patent application.

You might wonder how many times can you hang somebody with the same piece of prior art and so does it really matter how many different ways the same reference is cited? Interestingly enough, it can.

Sometimes it is possible to avoid or remove a reference cited under one section of 35 USC but not another. Section f is not a common source of prior art since Antedating meaningful beauty is concerned with the situation in which one party conceives an invention and that invention is learned of by another who then attempts to claim the invention himself in a patent application.

Under many circumstances, this type of error can be corrected. Section g is broken up into two sections, the first Antedating meaningful beauty most important section deals with the situation where two or more parties are trying to establish who invented something first.

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As we learned before, the first Antedating meaningful beauty invent is the one who reduces the invention to practice first, unless there is an earlier conception date followed by due diligence up to the reduction to practice. The contest to proveinventorship between two separate inventive entities is referred to as an interference. Procedurally, interference occurs when one or more claims in a patent application is substantially the same as one or more claims in another patent application with certain time bar limitations when the action can occur.

A later filed patent application that claims or could be drawn to claim the same subject matter as an earlier filed patent application or patent must be filed within 1 year of the time the earlier patent application was published or patented.

One way that interferences occur is when inventors sees a published "Antedating meaningful beauty" application or patent claiming the same invention that they have already conceived ormade.

Within a year, they file their patent application claiming substantially the same invention and bring the conflicting subject matter to the attention of the patent examiner. In another, perhaps more common scenario, two or more separate inventors or inventive entities are working in a competitive area, and they file applications claiming or that could claim the same invention in a similar timeframe.

During the course of the examination of the two applications, an examiner discovers the common subject matter and alerts the applicants to the situation and suggests a claim for one or both of the applicants that will provoke the interference. The reason why this is not expected to be a highly used provision is that the prior invention by another party might be hard to establish since to know that another party invented the subject matter first typically would require some sort of public performance of the invention.

Antedating meaningful beauty that two chemists working at different companies separately synthesize a novel pigment for use in a new kind of floor coating and paint. Chemist A got the idea for the pigment composition on June 1, He thought that by combining a certain metal salt with a particular oxidizer, he could make a metal oxide with just the right stoichiometry to make a great pigment for use in different coatings.

On that same day he recorded the idea and had it witnessed in his notebook. He shelved the idea for a few months because he had some other projects that needed to be finished up first, and he Antedating meaningful beauty not have the time to get to it right then.

Antedating meaningful beauty on September 1, when he was finally finished with his other work, he decided to test his idea by first making the pigment that he had earlier written down in his notebook.

He worked on the idea Antedating meaningful beauty for the next several weeks, optimizing the conditions for making the metal oxide pigment. Once he had several batches of the pigment prepared, he combined them with a base material and demonstrated that the pigment could indeed function as good ingredient for the paints and coatings as he had originally envisioned; this all occurred on and around September 26, Unbeknownst to Chemist A, over a similar period of time, Chemist B stumbled upon the exact same pigment.

For Chemist B however, the discovery process tooka more serendipitous yet expeditious route. Here is the honest truth as Antedating meaningful beauty how it happened.

On August 27,Chemist B happened to be in the lab when her arm bumped into a flask containing an unknown powder that spilled out onto the bench. She was so mad that the words she attempted to sputter were choked off in her throat.

She was never going to get home in time for dinner now. Resigned to Antedating meaningful beauty fate she let out a deep, relaxing breath as she had been taught so often to do, grabbed a mop and began to swab the lab floor.

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Antedating meaningful beauty It appeared that whatever was in that bucket made one of the most beautiful,fast-drying paints she had ever seen—it had a pearlescent, almost acrylic glow that was growing even more beautiful by the minute, right before her very eyes!

Each push of the mop increased the shine. She called the chemist whose lab it was and asked him what each of the ingredients was.


As she learned that day, the powder was a particular salt the chemist had been working on, and the flask contained an oxidizing agent that he figured must have converted the metal salt Antedating meaningful beauty its metal oxide. The metaloxide was then inadvertently dumped into the bucket, which contained a polyacryliccontainingbase material that, when combined with the freshly synthesized pigment,formed the beautiful coating that now permanently adorned their lab floor.

Over the next several months, she performed some Antedating meaningful beauty controlled experiments to verify the Antedating meaningful beauty result and wrapped up the work on February 17, An interference Antedating meaningful beauty declared, and the parties set out to establish who invented the subject matter first.

In this case, Chemist A will be considered as the senior party and the presumption will be made that Chemist A is the first to invent. This is because Chemist A was the first to file a patent application, on December 9, Chemist B will be considered the junior party since her patent application wasnot until April 1,and it will be up to Chemist B to overcome the presumption that Chemist A was the first to invent. During the course of the proceedings, Chemist A was able to prove a conception date of June 1,due to his meticulous notebooks.

He was able to successfully argue that he had fully conceived of the pigment and its preparation; he needed only to actually synthesize the material and test it out to prove it work for its intended purpose reduction to practice. The actual reduction to practice did not require anything beyond ordinary testing to prove that the pigment could work to form agood Antedating meaningful beauty material.

Since it occurred before Chemist B had any idea about any such pigment her accident did not occur until August 27,Chemist A should be awarded the patent. In our discussion of section awe learned that prior invention could be proved by a reduction to practice before the reference date or a conception before a reference date followed by a period of due diligence until the actual or constructive reduction to practice. In the case of Chemist A, there was an actual reduction to practice that occurred when Chemist A synthesized the pigment and showed that it worked for its intended purpose, which occurred on September 26, The filing of the patent application is a constructive reduction to practice and would serve as a reduction to practice had an actual reduction to practice not occurred first.

To use the conception date, however, Chemist A will need to show that he was diligent from the conception date to the date of the reduction to practice.

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