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Adderall hookup


Discussion in ' The Front Porch! This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Mar 15, 1. Hi y'all i'm over Adderall hookup doing my hw assignments.

Mar 15, 2. Mar 15, 3.

Mar 15, 4. In college the white kid wasn't the only one with the adderall hookups. I got adderall from my Latina friend that used it to lose weight. Mar 15, 5. Mar 15, 6. I love Addy Don't think I'll ever have "Adderall hookup" again, but damn if I wasn't laser focused!

Mar 15, 7. Don't do it girl!

The girl had ADD so I didn't understand why she was giving it away Makes them zombies though Mar 15, 8. Mar 15, 9.

Mar 15, It's Adderall hookup just white people with addys. During finals he hands them out like candies. You may want to be careful though. A friend of mine took one that he gave her and she couldn't sleep for 4 days AFTER she "Adderall hookup" her final.

I have a theory that your friend Riri is on it but Pills are no fucking joke.


I'd rather be hooked on crack. That's one hard vice to shake. Drink two Red Bulls, smoke some herb and call it a day. I got the same results from Phentermine for losing weight You can Adderall hookup a prescription just by going to the doctor and faking ADHD symptoms. Anyway, I have a script. Got it when I was Don't put your kids on speed! The fuk wrong with the world?!

I had a friend who moved away and begged for me to send her some. I was like nah sis can't do it. I could cram well, Adderall hookup when it came to taking the exams, my body was acting up like crazy.

Couldn't sit still or form coherent Adderall hookup on paper even tho the answers were right.

Adderall (amphetamine salts) can be...

The worst is still being on it when you ain't got shit to do. Just not being able to rest or stay still somewhere while feeling so damn exhausted mentally, physically, hell Adderall hookup spirtually.

Nope, ain't goin down that road anymore and you shouldn't Adderall hookup. Adderall proves that life ain't easy for a reason. Ok, here's my two cents: I have ADHD and my psychiatrist was letting me take Strattera mg Adderall hookup up but it was sooo weak that I asked my family doctor to give me something a bit stronger. He informed me that Adderall was on the deep end and Concerta was weak like Strattera he was surprised that I was on Strattera. I went from 20mg to 50mg in three months.

These pills do turn you into a walking, "skinny" zombie. For me, I feel that the 50mg is not strong enough and I am seeking a natural form of medication that helps with concentration. Yes, you may lose weight but it can come back once you're off of these pills. Someone mention taking two 70mg pills Adderall hookup another person mention to practice time management, I agree.

It takes time to break a Adderall hookup habit, yes, but know that it will help you in the long run.

Nicole is a student drug...

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Hi y'all i'm over here...

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Most Liked Most Commented. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for "study aids" (incredibly stupid I know but I was desperate). Got Adderall hookup hits and hookups "Adderall hookup" and there.

Adderall Hookup. 5fm Online Dating. The hard adderall hookup part is keeping them. dating a shy gentleman.

Hi y'all i'm over here doing my hw assignments. i have 20 more to go!!! i really need some fucking adderall.

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