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Hassan el masri wife sexual dysfunction


At the centre of the storm across the Tasman are the Canterbury Bulldogs - for the second season in a row starting their season with a sex scandal. A woman's allegations of gang rape have prompted police and National Rugby League investigations that call into question the standards and morals of a code under siege.

For the Bulldogs, it has probably ended their hopes Hassan el masri wife sexual dysfunction the football field - if anyone can remember football.

Police are continuing to interview players and take DNA samples.

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Hassan el masri wife sexual dysfunction have co-operated, via their lawyers, but star wing Hazem El Masri has refused and may be summonsed to provide an interview and sample. His objection is that he doesn't drink, doesn't Hassan el masri wife sexual dysfunction, doesn't take drugs or commit adultery and was insulted at being involved in the allegation of pack rape made by a year-old Coffs Harbour woman.

The police had told him he was not a suspect, not among the six players named by the victim or among others thought to have been in the pool area of the Pacific Bay Resort hotel early on February 22, when the alleged assault took place. The woman was found by a hotel maintenance worker at 7am, lying in a foetal position on grass near the pool, screaming and swearing. A taxi driver has told police that just two hours earlier he drove the woman and one Bulldogs player, whom she was obviously keen on, from the Plantation nightclub to the hotel and that she was obviously in good spirits at that stage.

There seems no doubt that some criminal charges will follow. In addition, one player has clearly broken the club's code of conduct, which precludes bringing women back to the team hotel. Bulldogs chairman George Peponis has said any player found to have breached that code will be stood down. But legal advice was that the club could not act immediately because that might prejudice a fair trial for any player subsequently charged.

It will be easy for the Dogs to shunt that player out as the sacrificial lamb; much harder to tackle the culture of arrogant dismissal of community standards the club has maintained, its unspoken assumption that it stands above the laws of the land. Just as the salary cap rort of made mugs of those NRL clubs that did stick to the player payment cap, so the assault by the as-yet-unidentified players is a major "dissing" of their team-mates. Any suggestion of this being a team bonding session, some kind of rite of initiation, is bizarre at best.

It is incumbent on all sporting clubs of any code to educate young players that Hassan el masri wife sexual dysfunction community standards degrades the brotherly bond sports teams espouse. El Masri and others not involved have a right to feel aggrieved at being let down. They were also let down by the club. After beating Canberra the night before, players were due at a recovery session in the hotel pool at 8am.

So what were some doing at a nightclub at 5am? And why was there no supervision from management either at the nightclub or the hotel as they rolled home? This is not the first such incident. In a Bulldogs player apparently urinated on the leg of a make-up artist who was doing his face in preparation for a television advertisement.

It was said to be an initiation rite for new first-graders. Others tried to break into the hotel room of another television worker at 3am after a drinking session.

Hassan el masri wife sexual dysfunction year, at the same Coffs Harbour hotel, a year-old woman went with one player to his room and had sex, then woke to find another had initiated sex with her and a third was lining up. Club and police investigations were conducted but no charges laid, the Bulldogs fining the three players involved for breach of the club code.

On February 22, Bulldogs players danced on nightclub tables, groped women on the dance floor and sparked a brawl as a result.

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