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Good sexting lines


I'm gonna kiss your lips oh so gently and and kiss on your kneck while you take off my clothes and I take off yours. Then I'm gonna push you down on the bed and climb Good sexting lines top of you.

You're unhooking my bra while I'm kissing your neck leaving my mark and working my way down kissing every inch of your body.

13 Sexting Lines To Initiate...

I'm pulling your boxers down and my eyes widen because how big it is. I look you in the eye with a seductive look and say this Good sexting lines going to be the best blow job you've ever have. And just go from there tell him what you're gonna do to him.

Go into detail about the bj and whatever after that. Go into detail about the sex call his name.

Sexting is such a precise...

Say faster harder and moan. It think you get the drift.

Sexting is such a precise...

I can give you something I've written myself, or you can be creative and write it yourself, because it's your boyfriend, lol. I know I should just imagine something and "Good sexting lines" him know what I'm thinking but my imagination isn't very developed ha ha so actual lines and phrases etc is what I'm looking for please GUYS: Does semen stain sheets?

There are a lot of...

Is it normal for my butt to smell poopy? Is it disrespectful to cum inside a girl and not tell her or ask if you can?

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