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Asian men with blonde hair


These days we are coming across Asian men with blonde hair lot of Asians sporting blonde hair in music videos or popular magazine covers. This trend has yet to come to the streets of Asia.

Many young fashionistas are trying to follow their favorite celebrities. The trend is not exactly alien right now as it was two years back. Many of these young women tend Asian men with blonde hair create major fashion blunders on going blonde.

Asian men with blonde hair is some science and there some rules which can make you rock the Asian blonde look like a pro. Contrary to the myth that only fair-skinned people can rock blonde hair, blonde hair looks equally good on tanned skin too. An Asian woman needs to choose her blonde shade according to her skin tone. A light shade of blonde looks amazing on an Asian's warm skin tone.

Many jet-haired beauties and now shifting their focus to bleach and they have a lot of options to choose from. From an icy grayish blue shade to a warmer, caramel hue, blonde options are many. Haircolor transformed into a fresh light low maintenance blonde on Asian hair. A post shared by Cherin Choi mizzchoi on Jun 27, at 6: Before you plunge into this decision, you have got some homework to do. Firstly, you need to find out a good colorist.

Secondly, you need to browse through many magazines to come to your favorite shade of blonde. Remember to take that page to your hair colorist. Thirdly, you have got to be prepared for many bleaching sessions.

You cannot get blonde hair color in just one session. As most Asians have jet-black or dark brown hair, your initial bleaching sessions could give you orange or light pink. You will need multiple layers of bleach and toners to get your required shade.

You might also not like the effect after the end process. Remember, it takes a while to get used to seeing yourself in light-hair. Once you go light-haired, you can always dye your hair darker if you are not satisfied with the blonde hair.

Before you go for your major turnover, it is advisable to test the hair color on a small surface to see whether it would suit you and also to allow yourself some time to ease yourself slowly into the color. You could start with a muted or subtle base color with blonde highlights.

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Make sure you get plenty of blonde highlights from a good hair colorist that blend easily into each other. Also allow your original hair color to peek through your strands, mostly from the roots to give you a natural look. Gradually, with each visit to the salon, you can lighten your hair more and more. This way, not only you but people around you will also get used to seeing you with lighter hair. With each lighter shade of hair color, you will be able to determine whether cool or warm shades suit you and you can get it done in your next salon visit.

If you are determined to go for a wild or a full blonde look during your first attempt, then make sure that the shade would suit your skin tone.

You can take some expert advice about this and get your skin tone and undertone determined. You definitely would not want to waste your precious money on a shade of blonde only to realize that it does not suit your skin tone.

During your 'virgin blonde experience,' it is better if you start with 'sombre' hair color. This shade lets you play with various blonde shades, and you do not have to worry about growing out your original dark roots. Going blonde can be quite intimidating especially if you choose a wrong shade of blonde. Instead of rocking a blonde Asian look, you can Asian men with blonde hair manage to make a fashion disaster.

Here are some tips on choosing your blonde shade according to your skin tone. An Asian blonde celebrity who looks like a natural blonde is Korean celebrity, Asian men with blonde hair. She dyed her roots silver and sparked the trend of silver-gold ombre hair.

A fair person should opt for a subtle shade of blondes such as honey or butterscotch.

Warm shades will always help to balance the coolness in the skin. A post shared by Holiday To Remember taeyeonmine on Jan 28, at 9: Asian model, So Jo, sported a blonde look with her pale skin. She opted for platinum blonde. The cool shade complemented her skin tone perfectly. Asian celebrity Nana dyed her roots dark and bleached her hair blonde.

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She could pull off her Ash Blonde or Reverse Ombre shade perfectly because she tried a darker shade of blonde hair color with dark brown ombre tips. She has a yellow undertone, and blonde also falls in the yellow category. Yellow on yellow can be quite tricky to pull off and hence she decided to draw the attention to her darker roots.

Asian celebrity CL has fair skin with blue-green undertones. She carries her blonde look perfectly.

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She selected a beige or an Ash Blonde shade to complement her skin tone perfectly. Asian celebrity Hyorin chose a slight reverse ombre with brown roots. She chose a Asian men with blonde hair shade of blonde which Asian men with blonde hair almost near-white to create a stunning contrast with her olive skin. Many Asian men and women are ready to ditch their dark hair color and experiment with various shades of blonde.

Asian celebrities have always known to go overboard with their hair and makeup. Bleaching dark colored hair to a shade of blonde has become the latest fashion fad in South Asia. You can easily create a faux pas in this process as there are specific rules you must adhere to. Below is a list of famous Asian celebrities who have rocked shades of blonde effortlessly. Blond ombre hair color is a subtle and safe choice if going blonde scares you. In this shade, you can retain the top half of your hair in its natural color and dye the bottom half of your hair.

You can opt for a soft ombre or a bold ombre shade as you prefer. A brown to blonde ombre also looks great. Celebrity Hyolyn sports a double ombre with brown roots shade. Japanese artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tried the multi-colored ombre shade which looked great too.

Many Asians opt for a strawberry blonde shade. Every Korean drama on TV has at least one celebrity rocking a strawberry blonde hair color. Ash Blonde is also a popular choice amongst Asians. This one is a cool blonde shade which has elements of blonde and grey. Celebrities Amber An and Taeyeon have been spotted with ash blonde hair.

Those you are bold enough and are not afraid of going over the top, then dark platinum blonde hair color is just for you.

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Be a trendsetter just like Soo Joo Park and Krystal Jung who rock this bright blonde shade with a lot of swag and oomph. Brooding in this heat. A post shared by Soo Joo soojmooj on Jun 28, at 6: Up your style quotient by getting yourself blonde highlights on Asian hair quite similar to ombre hair.

This one is a safer choice for the newbies.

Celebrities like Koda Kumi and Jamie Chung have been nailing this hairstyle wonderfully. A bold choice, this one would raise your swag quotient like never before. You will look like a magical fairy sporting pastel colored highlights on blonde hair. Soo Joo Park and Seulgi from Red Velvet have been spotted sporting lilac, mint and peach highlights on their blonde bleached hair. A post shared by stk. Honey blonde Asian hair color is undoubtedly the best hair color option for Asian skin.

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